Mid-South is licensed and Certified in every field that is required for the complete fulfillment of all testing and analytical aspects of our work. Our professional staff members are ready to serve you with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to supply unparalleled consulting and technical support. Whether you need help with environmental safety auditing or environmental safety trainingmget in touch with our dependable health and safety consultants at Mid-South.

Certifications and Licenses

  • Asbestos Inspector Texas A&M University System, Texas Engineering Extension Service Occupational and Environmental Safety *Training Division, EPA-Sponsored Southern Lead Consortium
  • Atomic Absorption Updates in Methodology and Environmental Protocol, Perkin, Elmer Corporation, Monroe
  • Confined Spaced Certified
  • Indoor Air Quality Manager
  • “Inductive Coupled Plasma Training,” Perkin-Elmer Corporation; Methods, Operations, and Maintenance in ICP Spectroscopy
  • “Lead Inspector “Texas A&M University System, Texas Engineering Extension Service Occupational and Environmental Safety Training * Division, EPA-Sponsored Southern Training *Division, EPA-Sponsored Southern Lead Consortium
  • On-Site Treatment and Closure of Non-Hazardous Oilfield Waste Pits, the University of Southwestern Louisiana at Lafayette, LA
  • Operation and Maintenance of Tecator Kjeidahl and HT2 Soxtec Solvent Extraction System, Training Course; Tecator and Fisher Scientific, Houston, TX
  • Operation Procedures for Dionex DX-100 Ion Chromatograph; Operation, Maintenance, and Environmental, EPA Method 3000.0, *Bossier City, LA
  • RSO- Radiation Safety Officer
  • Selective Ion Monitoring, Orion Research Inc., Cambridge, MA
  • Site Auditing: Environmental Assessment of Property, “Issues in Risk Assessment of Property, Issues in Risk Assessment of Property, “Issues in Risk Assessment and Prioritization for Environmental Decision Making”
  • Site Safety Supervisor
  • Time and Territory Management Training, XEROX Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Trimetric GC/MS Training Courses: Interpretation, Operation, and Maintenance of TRA 850 Mass Spectrometer, Austin, TX
  • Asbestos Inspector
  • Certified Environmental Auditor
  • Certified Pesticide Applicator
  • Hazardous Materials Management at the Manager/Supervisor Level (Us Dept. of Labor OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120)
  • Indoor Air Quality Manager
  • O.R.M. Remediation Radiation Specialist 1910:120 and DOT HM-126F
  • Registered Underground Storage Tank Contractor License with Texas Natural


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