Mr. Larry Lott was founder and CEO for three environmental companies that thrived with excellence and quality in their work. The first of these was (MSAL) Mid-South Analytical Labs, Inc., which was founded in 1986 as one of the first fully compliant laboratories certified LELAP (Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. MSAL compiled a prestigious list of clients from major industries & municipalities to oil, chemical, and natural gas companies.

The second company founded in 2000 was (MSPS) Mid- South Pollution Services, this company performed 24-hour emergency response and hazardous material cleanup. MSPS performed hazardous waste mediation, hazmat transportation cleanup, and worked with law enforcement in the disposal of illegal drug laboratory equipment and chemicals. MSPS further performed confined space entry services for telephone, cable and maritime industries. 

There was a need for an Engineering and Risk Assessment Compliance Company to address every changing OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance protocols and discharge permitting. So, in 1999 (MSES) Mid-South Environmental Services was established. MSES designed and implemented hazardous waste clean-up protocols as well as transportation manifesting for large energy, oil and natural gas companies. MSES performed pit closures for oil and natural gas drilling operations and clean-up and remediation of saline spills.

The Mid-South Companies dealt with over 550 domestic and 3 international companies.

The knowledge and experience gained in air, water, soil sampling to chain of custody, to laboratory analysis, permitting, discharge monitoring, spill control counter measure, all have provided its founder with extensive experience and training.

Mr. Lott has spent a lifetime in the environmental industry in all areas including technical writing and reporting.

Mr. Lott holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Louisiana Tech University.

Mid-South Analytical & Consulting, L.L.C.

Serving East Texas, NW Louisiana and Southern Arkansas

Mid-South is bound by General and Professional Liability Insurance.


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